How Do You Make Wedding Invitations?


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Make wedding invitations by printing the text on vellum paper and laying it over patterned paper. This takes only a few minutes per invitation. You need vellum, a printer, patterned card stock, scissors or a paper cutter, and brads.

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  1. Print out the text

    Print out the text of the invitation on a piece of vellum paper. Be careful not to smudge the ink.

  2. Cut out the invitation

    Cut the text down to a size that can fit into an envelope. If you want to save on vellum, print out the text block several times on the same sheet of paper. When cutting, use a paper cutter for straight lines.

  3. Prepare the patterned card stock

    For the back of the invitation use a pattern that shows through the vellum. Use colors that fit the theme of your wedding and allow the text to remain legible when the vellum is layered over the paper. Cut the card stock into the same size as the vellum text.

  4. Attach the vellum to the card stock

    Attach the vellum text to the card stock background by using tiny brads. Punch a small hole in each corner of the vellum and card stock. Place the brad in the hole.

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