How Do You Make Wedding Hair Updos?


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Make wedding hair updos by doing a Bohemian twist or sleek tuck. Make a sleek tuck by pulling your hair into a low ponytail, but not drawing it completely through the last loop of the hair band. Wrap the tail end around the band, and secure it with bobby pins.

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Make an intricate Bohemian twist updo by curling all your hair in 2-inch sections and parting your hair down the middle. Divide the hair on each side of the part into three equal sections. Take the top section of hair on your left side, twist it together, then pin it to the right side of your head. Do the same thing to the top section on the right side of your head. Cross it over, down and under the left section of hair. Repeat this process with the other two section on each side of your head, making sure to tuck the ends underneath the hair twists.

Make another wedding hair updo classic, the top knot, by first blow-drying and straightening your hair. Next, [art your hair to one side and down in order to leave a small section of hair in the front free. Put the rest of your hair up into a high ponytail. Swoop the front piece of hair back, and pin it to the ponytail elastic. Twist the ponytail into four sections of hair, wrapping each one around the base of the ponytail and pinning it up.

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