How Do You Make Wedding Bows?


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Make a tulle wedding bow to decorate pews, chairs or benches by first gathering some supplies; this project requires a roll of tulle about 6 inches wide, some pipe cleaners and a good pair of scissors. Begin by unrolling a length of tulle for the tail of the bow, then pinch the material off where the tail should end, and make a loop on both sides as if tying your shoes.

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Continue making loops on each side, securing them between your pinched fingers, until you have at least six loops on each side; add more for a fuller effect. Once the bow has the desired amount of loops, pull down a second length of tulle to match the original tail. Take a pipe cleaner and tightly secure the pinched area. Cut the remaining length of tulle, and finish by fluffing up the bow.

Alternatively, pew bows can also be made using ribbon. The process follows the same steps as for a tulle bow with just a few simple deviations. Rather than use six loops as a minimum, make it 12 and don't leave a tail, and rather than use a pipe cleaner to secure the middle, wrap the ribbon itself around the middle to make an attractive center. Secure the bow by tying the end piece in the back.

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