How Do You Make Wedding Boutonnieres?


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Make a wedding boutonniere by preparing the flowers, trimming the stems, arranging the greenery, adding wire to the stem and wrapping everything with floral tape. Finish by curling the end and attaching a ribbon bow or other accents.

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First, choose hardy flowers, such as calla lilies and roses, than can be handled extensively without getting damaged. Place the stems of the flowers and greenery in water before trimming them at an angle. Keep the flowers in the water until you use them to keep them as fresh as possible.

Select a single flower, and trim the stem to a length of 3 inches. Arrange greenery such as ivy leaves or fern fronds around the flower. Once the design is to your liking, hold the stems together along with a 6-inch piece of wire. Wrap green floral tape around the stems and the wire at the base of the flour, continue downward in a spiral motion to the end of the stem, and wrap the tape back up to the top of the stems.

Cut the end of the floral wrapped stems and wire to 1 1/2 inches long, and curl it around a pencil. Add a ribbon or other accents to the boutonniere before placing two pearl-tipped straight pins in the stem.

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