How Do You Make a Wedding Backdrop?


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To make a wedding backdrop, cut squares out of colored paper and fold them diagonally, then attach each folded piece to a box in a square grid on the wall by one half of the paper square. The finished product will imitate a pop art piece.

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The folded-paper wedding backdrop is made using 25 sheets of matte cover-weight letter paper, with dimensions of 8 1/2-by-11 inches. The tools needed for making it include a pencil, metal ruler, scissors and craft knife. It is advisable to cut on a cutting surface. The finished work can be mounted on a foam board. The backdrop will need removable painters' tape to be attached to the wall.

Step 1: Prepare the paper

For each of the 25 sheets, slice 3 inches off of the long side.

Step 2: Mark and cut the sheets

Mark the center of each side of all sheets of paper using the ruler. Connect the marks of opposite sides with the pencil. The paper sheet will be divided into four equal squares. Use the craft knife to cut along the lines. Do the same with the rest of the sheets.

Step 3: Fold the squares

Fold the squares along the diagonal lines that divide them into halves. Press the corners together.

Step 4: Draw a grid

Draw 25 square boxes, with a side sized 5 1/2 inches, on the wall or on a foam board. First mark the big square with a 4 1/2 feet side, then make markings along each side, at 5 1/2 inches from each other. Finally connect the marks on the opposite edges.

Step 5: Design the pattern

Try out different combinations of colors by attaching one half of the folded paper sheet next to the others, using removable painter's tape. When the pattern is completed, repeat it for the remaining boxes on the foam board or the wall. If using a foam board, secure it to the wall.

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