How Do You Make a Towel Cake?

How Do You Make a Towel Cake?

To make a towel cake, create three stacked layers with different-sized towels, and decorate the cake. You need two large towels, two medium towels, two small towels, pins, ribbon, gifts and your desired decorations. Select an overall design or color scheme, and base the materials you use around it.

  1. Roll the first towel

    Set a large towel down lengthwise, and fold it in half. Roll up the towel, and leave the end loose.

  2. Pin the second towel

    Fold a second large towel in the same manner as the first. Pin the end of the second towel to the loose end of the first.

  3. Finish the base layer

    Continue to roll the towel until the base layer is complete.

  4. Use a cardboard round for stability

    Pin a cardboard cake round to the top of the base layer.

  5. Create the second layer

    Use medium-sized towels to create the second layer in the same manner as the first.

  6. Place a cardboard round atop the second layer

    Pin a smaller-sized cake round on top of the middle layer.

  7. Make the top layer

    Use the same technique to create the top layer with smaller-sized towels.

  8. Decorate the cake

    Use ribbon, gifts and your personally selected materials to decorate the cake.