How to You Make a Top Bow for a Christmas Tree?


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Make a top bow for a Christmas tree by layering three ribbons together, looping them together several times and tying the middle of the loops together with a piece of wire. You need a roll of 2 1/2-inch ribbon and floral wire.

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First, cut a piece of ribbon that is 4 yards long, about 18 inches for every loop, and eight loops per bow. If you want a multi-colored bow, use three different colors of ribbons cut to the same length and layered one on top of the other. Make one loop with the ribbon pointing in one direction, and then twist the ribbon so that the same color is on top, or the same side is facing upward for a single ribbon. Make another loop pointing in the opposite direction. Once you return to the center of the two loops, twist the ribbon again and repeat the process so that there are at least eight loops, for four sets of loops.

Tie a piece of floral wire around the middle of the loops, and then fluff up the bow. Trim the ends of the ribbon so that they are even and trail down the tree. Another option is to wire together two long strands and wire them to the ribbon after making it.

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