How Do You Make a Toast for a 75th Birthday?

To make a toast for someone celebrating his 75th birthday party, prepare a short speech ahead of time that shows gratitude to attendees, honors the celebrating person and entertains the audience with personal anecdotes. Include a brief description of your relationship to the person if not all attendees are already aware.

Prepare the toast ahead of time by brainstorming memories that this person brings to mind as well as the ways he has positively impacted your life. Write either these notes or the full text of the toast on note cards before the event so are available for easy reference during the event.

Consider the audience while determining the content of the toast. If everyone is very familiar with each other, you might add some inside jokes or references as part of the toast. Otherwise, common toast topics include brief overviews of how much the world has changed over 75 years, what the guest of honor's specific accomplishments are, and personal stories that highlight both his character and what he is passionate about. End by congratulating him on reaching this important day and ask everyone to raise their glasses for the toast.

The toast should generally be below 5 minutes, and ideally no longer than 3 minutes. To hit this mark, practice the prepared speech so that you know how long it is.