How Do You Make Standing Balloon Columns Party Decorations?

make-standing-balloon-columns-party-decorations Credit: Jessica Islam Lia/Moment/Getty Images

A rigid pipe and base platform support stacks of balloon clusters to make balloon column decorations for parties. Display balloon columns at entrances or use them as party backdrops.

The effect of a balloon column is best with two or four different colored balloons arranged in a spiral. Cut a hole in a cardboard box to use as a guide for blowing the balloons to uniform size.

Step 1: Building the base

Screw a 1/2- to 3/4-inch metal pipe flange into the center of a 12-inch square plywood piece. Screw a 1/2- to 3/4-inch threaded conduit pipe into the flange so it stands vertically. Adjust the pipe length according to the desired balloon column height.

Step 2: Balloon clusters

Blow up four balloons and insert each through the hole in the cardboard box to ensure equal size. Tie two balloons together at the knots. If using two colors, tie together two matching colors. Tie the remaining two balloons together at the knot. Twist the two balloon pairs together to form a cluster with like colors directly opposite each other, if applicable. Repeat this with the remaining balloons, using as many as needed to achieve the desired height.

Step 3: Add cluster to base

Position the first balloon cluster so it rests on top of and covers the wooden base. Spread two balloons a bit and fit them around the pipe. Use tape or a balloon weight to hold them in place, if needed.

Step 4: Stacking the balloons

Turn the second balloon cluster so the balloons are staggered with the balloons in the previous cluster. Repeat this pattern with the remaining balloon clusters until the desired height is achieved. Off-setting the colored balloons achieves the spiral pattern.