How Do You Make Stained-Glass Christmas Ornaments?

How Do You Make Stained-Glass Christmas Ornaments?

Make simple stained-glass Christmas ornaments by using cookie cutters as a template and spreading glue onto colored plastic wrap that serves as the stained glass once it dries. This craft takes about 30 minutes to make and 44 hours for the materials to dry. You need cookie cutters, black crafting foam, washable markers, black paint, white craft glue, scissors, tape, a baking sheet, plastic wrap and black wire.

  1. Make the ornament frames

    Lay the cookie cutter on the sheet of black foam. Trace around the cookie cutter, and remove it from the foam. Draw an identical shape 1/4 inch inside of the shape you just traced. Cut along both lines so that you have a thin frame for the ornament.

  2. Make the stained-glass

    Tape a layer of plastic wrap on top of a baking sheet so that there are no wrinkles in the plastic wrap. Use the washable markers to color the plastic wrap. Paint one side of the foam frames with the black paint, and place the frames paint side down on the plastic wrap. Press down firmly. Fill the inside of the foam frame with white craft glue.

  3. Attach the ornament loop

    Cut the thin wire into 4-inch lengths. Bend each piece into a loop. Place the wire ends between the plastic wrap and the foam frame.

  4. Allow the ornament to dry

    Allow the ornament to dry for at least 36 hours. At this point the glue should have absorbed the marker colors. Gently remove the ornament from the plastic wrap, and turn it over. Allow the ornament to dry for another 8 hours.