How Do You Make a Speech at a Teacher's Retirement Party?

make-speech-teacher-s-retirement-party Credit: Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images

Make a speech at a teacher's retirement party that shows gratitude for years of service while incorporating personal stories and anecdotes from teaching in the same school. Make it concise to offer others the opportunity to share their favorite memories of the guest of honor.

  1. Begin the speech by addressing the retiree

    Thank the retiring teacher for everything that she has done to enlighten young minds over the years. Include the exact number of years employed by the current school as well as other places of past employment.

  2. Inject a personal story

    Continue on to tell the audience about a personal memory that you share with the retiring teacher. This can be humorous or inspirational depending on the nature of your relationship. Add nicknames that students have used over the years, or tell a well-known story that everyone in attendance knows.

  3. Leave the floor open for other speakers

    Finish your speech by thanking the retiring teacher again for years of service. Give a short toast to wish happiness and adventure in this new chapter in life, emphasizing how life keeps offering lessons long after school days are over. Then, turn the microphone over to the next person who wishes to speak.