How Do You Make a Quilt for Someone Turning 20?


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To make a 20th birthday quilt, create individual quilt squares that relate to the recipient's life and interests. Sew the squares together, and add batting, backing and binding materials to the quilt. Use long, straight seams to reinforce the quilt.

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  1. Create a pattern

    Determine the length and width of the quilt. Using graph paper, draw a scale representation of the quilt, then, break the quilt down into a grid of squares. Measure each square, and add 1 inch to the length and width to create a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

  2. Make quilt squares

    Make your quilt squares using fabric that you buy or find. Consider using the person's old T-shirts or material from their baby clothing to create some squares. On other squares, add patches or iron-on graphics that relate to the recipient's interests. On one square, create a birthday-themed design that celebrates the 20th birthday milestone.

  3. Sew the squares together

    Arrange your squares into the quilt shape. Using a 1/2-inch seam, sew each one together to create a grid. Iron down the seams so the piece lays flat.

  4. Assemble the quilt

    Cut a piece of batting that is 4 inches longer and wider than your square assembly, and cut a piece of backing fabric that is the same size as the square assembly. Sew the three pieces together, with the batting in the middle and the right sides of the fabric facing out. Add ribbon binding to the edges. With your sewing machine, sew straight lines of stitches 1/4 inch on either side of each seam to complete the quilt.

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