How Do You Make Free Printable Bunco Invitations?


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To make free printable Bunco invitations, visit a website such as buncoprintables.com. Select the Bunco invitation template and download it to a computer. Then print the template.

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Bunco Printables also provides free downloads of themed bunco playing cards. Bunco is a dice rolling game usually played with 12 people seated four to a table, but it can be played with more or fewer people.

The four are divided into teams of two for each round. Three dice are placed on each table, and one table serves as head table. In the first round, the first player at each table rolls the dice, counting the number of time she rolls a "one" until she gets three for a total of 21 points. When the head table reaches 21 points, the players shout "bunco!" and two players from each table rotate to another table. Rounds proceed similarly for "twos," "threes" and so on.

Many people throw parties to play Bunco, as it can take a few hours to play.

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