How Do You Make Place Cards?

How Do You Make Place Cards?

How Do You Make Place Cards?

Using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word is one out of several ways to make place cards. First, pick a place card template, and then input the name. If desired, edit the font and image. Save the file, and then print the place cards on cardstock.

  1. Pick a template

    Open Microsoft Word, and select place card templates from the templates section. Double click on the template of your choice to open it as a new document.

  2. Type in the names

    Click on the default name in each card. Then, type in one person's name on each card.

  3. Edit the place card's appearance

    As desired, change the font type, size and color. You can also replace the images with your own. Delete any images in the card template that you don't want. To insert an image, click the Insert tab, and then browse to find the one you want in clip art or your own picture library. Edits to one place card apply to all the place cards. Click the Page Layout tab to edit the page color and pattern. Don't use a pattern if your paper already has a pattern on it.

  4. Save and print

    Click Save As to save the document. Then, print the place cards on a sturdy card stock paper, and cut each place card out of the sheet of paper.