How Do I Make a Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament?


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Pine cones make inexpensive, festive tree ornaments or decorations for Christmas gifts. Create your own in just minutes by painting them, using decorative touches and adding ribbon. For this project, HGTV recommends that you gather together pine cones, metallic paint, ribbons, gold beads, micro beads, hot glue, clear glue and a paint brush.

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How Do I Make a Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament?
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  1. Paint the pine cone

    Paint the pine cone using a metallic color. Metallic paint allows the colors to stand out on the cone and shine underneath Christmas lights. Paint the tips of the pine cone on one side and allow the paint to dry before painting the tips on the other side.

  2. Attach the ribbon

    Cut an 8-inch piece of ribbon. Then, pull the ribbon through a gold bead and tie the two ends together, creating a circle or a loop. Hot glue the gold bead to the narrow tip of the pine cone. This ribbon loops over the branch and hangs on the tree.

  3. Glue beads onto the pine cone

    Add decoration to your pine cone by gluing beads to the painted tips of the cone. Iridescent micro beads are recommended. Use a glue that dries clear, such as Tacky Glue. These beads add a gleam to the ornament.

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