How Do You Make a Pinata?


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Make a piñata by crafting paper mache around a balloon, which takes about an hour. It takes several additional hours for the paper mache paste to dry. You need a balloon, newspaper, crepe paper, paper mache paste, paint, tape, plastic wrap, a bowl and yarn.

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  1. Prepare the balloon

    Blow the balloon up until it is the desired size. Tie the end. Wrap the balloon in plastic wrap. Set it on top of the bowl, which serves as a pedestal for applying the paper mache.

  2. Paste the newspaper to the balloon

    Tear newspaper into 8-inch long strips that are 1 inch wide. Attach the strips to the balloon using the paper mache paste. Apply two or three layers. Make sure to leave a hole on one end to remove the balloon and add the candy.

  3. Remove the balloon

    Once the paper mache is dry, pop the balloon through the hole in the paper mache, and remove it.

  4. Decorate the piñata

    Decorate the piñata using paint or colorful crepe paper. Wrap crepe paper streamers around the circle from top to the bottom. Cut a fringe in the streamers.

  5. Hang the piñata

    Use a knife to poke holes in the end that contains the large hole. Thread some yarn through these holes, and hang the piñata from the yarn.

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