How Do You Make a Personalized Birthday Card?


Personalized greeting card can be made on the computer using publishing software. They may also be made by using home craft supplies, such as white cardstock, patterned paper and glue.

To make a birthday card on the computer, first choose an appropriate program, such as PageMaker or Photoshop Elements, and then choose a format. Different format options include oversized, top fold and side fold. Next, set up the document and select graphics. A layer may need to be created from scratch if the program being used doesn't have a blank template.

The next steps are to modify the images if desired and then choose a font for the personalized text. The font may be in different colors in order to create contrast with the paper and graphics.

Then, arrange the text and graphics to create a consistent appearance. Align edges by drawing boxes or horizontal and vertical lines. Using a grid may help balance the white spaces on the card.

An additional option is to create a credit line on the back of the card. This line may include your name and any relevant business information. Be sure to give the card a final proof, checking the margins and layout, and then print the card.