How Do You Make a Paper Ornament?

make-paper-ornament Credit: Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images

To make a paper ornament, necessary supplies generally include colored paper, scissors, glue, and string or ribbon. The paper is typically cut into a series of shapes, and the ribbon and string are glued onto it.

Make an embellished Christmas ornament with a holiday pattern paper. Cut it into circles and decorate with ribbon, string, bows or sequins. Cut a piece of metallic foil in a crown shape to resemble the holder on glass ball ornaments and glue it to the top of the paper. Glue a piece of string or ribbon to the top to fasten the ornament to the tree.

Making a spiral star is more complicated. Start with six equal-sized squares. Fold the squares corner to corner, then stack them. Imagine a line from the top corner to the center; this doesn't get cut. Leave a 1/4-inch spine from the corner to the fold and make four cuts from spine to a 1/4-inch from the fold. Open the squares and curl the inner flap around a pencil. Flip over each square and bend the next flaps in the opposite direction, securing with glitter tape. Alternate in that manner until all the flaps are bent. Tape the six squares together at one tip so that they create a star. Place ornamentation, such as bells or a pine cone, in the center. String ribbon through one of the squares to hang the ornament.