How Do You Make Painted Pumpkins?

make-painted-pumpkins Credit: Walter Bibikow/AWL Images/Getty Images

Clean your pumpkin, seal it with a multi-purpose sealer, paint and decorate as desired and seal with a matte finish spray paint. Display your pumpkin by itself or as part of a group display.

  1. Buy a pumpkin without any nicks or bad spots

    Any blemishes or soft spots in the pumpkin's flesh allow it to rot faster. Take time to find one with smooth, flawless skin.

  2. Wash and dry your pumpkin

    Rinse your pumpkin with a garden hose or in a bathtub, rubbing carefully with a washcloth. Do not damage the skin while you wash it. Set the pumpkin aside to dry completely.

  3. Seal your pumpkin's surface

    Using a foam paintbrush, paint your dry pumpkin with a water-soluble multi-purpose sealer. Let the pumpkin dry completely again.

  4. Mark the design on your pumpkin

    Draw, trace or tape the design onto your pumpkin using permanent markers or pencil. Use stencils or printed designs for accuracy, or freehand your desired idea.

  5. Paint your pumpkin

    Using spray paint or acrylic paints, paint your pumpkin with the design you marked previously. Attach decorative objects like sparkles or beads with glue.

  6. Spray sealant on your pumpkin

    Spray your finished pumpkin art with a matte sealant, covering the pumpkin completely. Let it dry before moving it for display.