How Do You Make Your Own Wedding Invitations?

How Do You Make Your Own Wedding Invitations?

To make your own wedding invitations, decide on the wording and design of the invitations, choose quality paper and envelopes, and add any enclosures. You can have the invitations professionally printed or print them at home to save money.

  1. Design and write the invitations

    Use an already-existing template, or create your own. Write the invitation using traditional wording, or choose your own wording. Make decisions regarding fonts, ink color, alignment, line spacing and other design elements. Decide whether you want the extras that are sometimes included in a wedding invitation, such as small RSVP cards and accompanying envelopes.

  2. Choose the paper

    Stationery stores, including online stores, offer a wide range of quality card stocks and envelopes that are suitable for wedding invitations. The formality of the wedding should match the formality and weight of the paper chosen. Consider whether you want envelopes with liners. Order the appropriate amount of stock and envelopes, including any enclosures. Order an extra 20 percent more than you think you need in case of addressing errors.

  3. Print the invitations

    If printing your wedding invitations at home, make sure you have enough toner on hand. Print a test copy to confirm the invitation looks the way you want it. Print in small batches to maintain quality control.