How Do You Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet?


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Making a wedding bouquet requires 30-60 stems of the flower of your choice, rubber bands, ribbon, a stem cutter, a stem stripper, a bucket and straight pins. Flowers that are hardier, such a roses, are easier to use in the making of a bridal bouquet.

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How Do You Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet?
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To prepare the flowers, use a stem stripper to remove thorns or extra unappealing foliage from your flowers. Fill a bucket with water and use the stem cutter to cut the stems about two inches from the bottom and at an angle. Leave the flowers to sit in a bucket filled halfway with cool water until you are ready to use them again.

To arrange the bouquet, first situate four flowers in a square shape. These four flowers should all be the same height; they will make up the center of the dome. Next, arrange the rest of the flowers around the square. Use a rubber band to bind the stems about three inches below the flower heads. Use another rubber band to bind near the ends of the stems.

Finally, cut the stem ends so that they are all about seven inches long. Cut a segment of ribbon about three times as long as the length of the stems. Tuck one end of the ribbon inside the top bind and wind the ribbon down the stem and back up in a spiral. When you reach the top again, tuck the other end of the ribbon under the top bind. Secure with pins.

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