How Do I Make My Own Greeting Card Envelopes?


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Take only a few minutes to personalize your greeting cards by making your own envelopes. This project requires a greeting card, card stock, a ruler, a pencil, scissors and a glue stick.

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How Do I Make My Own Greeting Card Envelopes?
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  1. Position the card stock

    Lay a piece of card stock on a flat surface with the color or design facing away from you. Lay the greeting card in the center of the paper, 3 inches from the top.

  2. Sketch out the lines

    Trace lines around the greeting card. Make sure the lines are 1/8 inch away from the sides of the card so that you have some leeway when inserting your card into the finished envelope. Extend each line to both sides, the top and the bottom of the paper so that you have a grid. You need these lines when you start folding.

  3. Crease the card stock

    Fold the card stock along the bottom line, making sure to crease it well, and unfold it. Repeat this process along all the lines.

  4. Trim the paper

    Cut the bottom flap so that it's shorter than the length of the card, but the top flap can still overlap it. Cut out the corners of the paper where the lines intersect to that you end up with a lowercase T shape. Trim the side panels until they are 3/4 of an inch wide, and trim the corners to an angle.

  5. Fold the envelope

    Fold in the side panels. Add adhesive to the edges of the side panels, and fold up the bottom panel to glue them together. After inserting the greeting card, tape the top flap closed.

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