How Do You Make Your Own Gift Certificate?


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Use online templates to print out a gift certificate, or design and order gift certificates from online printing services. Most online services allow customers to fully customize gift cards or to choose from templates for a variety of different occasions and holidays.

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Purchase a variety of gift certificate templates on the Internet, or download them for free and print them out. Many of these templates already feature realistic graphics and images related to a holiday, or special occasion. On the other hand, some of these templates are highly stylized and decorative, featuring complex patterns, borders and color schemes.

Additionally, some gift certificate templates feature a more minimal design. These professional-looking templates are for businesses and typically feature a simple border design or pattern. Regardless of their intended audience, most gift certificate templates that are available online use a similar format: the words "To," "From," and "Value" normally appear under a Gift Certificate heading. Some templates allow additional fields, such as a company name, expiration date, address, phone and serial number.

Another option is to order gift certificates from a printing company, such as Vistaprint. Vistaprint also uses customizable templates, but offers additional customizations, such as paper type, ink type, double-sided printing, and the option to upload a non-template design or logo for printing. Services such as Vistaprint are also able to print out a variety of quantities, ranging from 10 to 20,000.

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