How Do You Make Your Own Birthday Cards?


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To make a birthday card that looks like a gift wrapped package, the following items are required: three separate pieces of differently patterned card stock paper, ribbon, adhesive foam, scissors and a writing utensil. This short project can be completed in just five steps.

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  1. Cut and size the card

    Using the scissors, cut a piece of patterned card stock. Determine the desired size of the card, and fold the card stock in half.

  2. Create the illusion of a box

    From the second piece of card stock, cut out a rectangular piece. It should be 1 1/2 inches taller and 1/2 an inch wider than the folded card. With the adhesive foam, affix the card stock to the top of the folded card so that it resembles a box lid.

  3. Personalize the card

    With the writing utensil, add a personalized message on the inside of the folded card.

  4. Add the ribbon

    Cut a single piece of ribbon, and tie it around the card so that it forms a bow.

  5. Attaching the gift tag

    From the final piece of card stock, cut a smaller rectangular piece in the shape of a gift tag. Write a birthday greeting on this piece of card stock. Use adhesive foam to attach the tag to the top of the card just below the bow.

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