How Do You Make Your Own Baby Shower Corsage?


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To make a baby shower corsage, cut a 2-inch circle out of cardboard. Bend a 4-inch piece of ribbon in half, and staple the ends to the edge of the cardboard circle. Continue to add tiers of ribbon loops to form a rosette. Staple 6-inch ribbon tails to the bottom of the circle. Make a 2.5-inch circular "Mother To Be" decoration, and glue it over the cardboard backing and the raw ends of the ribbon.

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When choosing ribbon for a baby shower corsage, use a mix of colors and prints. Select ribbon that is 1 inch wide or narrower. As you fold the ribbon sections, make sure the printed sides face out. Complete the first ring of loops. For the next ring, staple the ends of the ribbon closer to the center to create tiers.

The number of ribbon tails depends on the look you want to create. Use four or five tails for a simple look, or opt for 10 to 20 for a dramatic impact.

To make the artwork for the center decoration, glue a 2-inch circle of colored cardstock over the ribbon ends. Draw or print the artwork on contrasting paper, and cut a 1.75-inch circle around it. Glue the circle in the center of the cardstock.

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