How Do You Make an Ornament Wreath?

How Do You Make an Ornament Wreath?

Make an ornament wreath by wrapping a foam wreath in ribbon and gluing a range of ornaments to it. This project takes only a few minutes, requiring a foam wreath, hot-glue, white ribbon, 20-gauge wire, a wire cutter and ball ornaments in different shapes and colors.

  1. Wrap the foam wreath with ribbon

    Get a foam wreath at a craft store. Hot glue one end of a length of 2-inch white ribbon to the wreath. Wrap the ribbon completely around the wreath, making sure that the edges overlap. Hot glue the other end to the wreath.

  2. Hot glue large ornaments to the wreath

    Start by hot gluing the caps on the largest balls to the wreath. Spread them out along the wreath, making sure to intersperse them on all sides.

  3. Add the smaller ornaments

    Continue the process with the medium and small ornaments. Make sure that by the time you are done, the entire wreath is covered with ornament balls. If desired, glue smaller ornament balls onto larger ornaments.

  4. Add a wire loop

    Thread a 20-gauge piece of wire around the wreath form. Cut it to the desired length, and twist the ends together. Decorate the wire loop with a ribbon tied into a bow.