How Do You Make a Money Tree Gift?


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Making a money tree is a simple but unique way to give cash as a gift for a birthday, graduation or other celebration. To make a money tree, you need a branch, dollar bills, chocolate coins, glue dots and wire in addition to a planter and plaster of Paris.

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The first step in making a money tree is making the dollar bills into flower shapes. Start by accordion folding a dollar bill into 1/2 inch pleats. Next, wrap a wire around the middle of the folded bill. Spread the folds to create a pinwheel shape, securing the end folds with paper clips.

To set up the branch, prepare plaster of Paris according to the package instructions. Branches shorter than 18 inches and with many different offshoots for hanging money are ideal. Insert the branch into the plaster of Paris once it appears smooth. Hold the branch upright until the plaster is solid. Place the plaster of Paris into a decorative vase, and cover the top with chocolate coins for a more sophisticated look that follows the economic theme of the gift. Finally, attach the dollar flowers along the branch using glue dots. Wrap wire stems around branches for extra support.

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