How Do You Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments?


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Make homemade Christmas ornaments by pressing Christmas cookie molds onto air-dry clay to make elegant shapes, poking a hole in the top of the clay and threading a ribbon through. You need air-dry clay, Christmas cookie molds, a needle, a knife and ribbon or string.

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  1. Prepare the work area

    Set out the air-dry clay and Christmas cookie molds you want to use.

  2. Press the clay into the molds

    Break off a sizable piece of clay, and press it into the mold. Make sure to tamp down on the clay so it fills all the crannies for a detailed ornament. Trim off any lumps of clay on the back of the ornament to create a flat surface.

  3. Remove the clay

    Carefully remove the mold from the clay.

  4. Trim any excess clay

    Trim excess clay from around the molded shape using a knife.

  5. Add the hole

    Before the clay dries, use a needle to poke a hole through the top of the ornament that is big enough to thread ribbon or string through.

  6. Allow the clay to dry

    Place the ornament on a tray, and wait for it to dry.

  7. Add the ribbon

    Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and knot the two ends together.

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