How Do You Make Some Homemade Baby Shower Decorations?

How Do You Make Some Homemade Baby Shower Decorations?

There are a variety of baby shower decorations that are easy to make, such as paper flowers, mobiles, globes and decorative baked goods. Basic crafting supplies such as tissue paper, scissors and other simple items allow decorators to complete various projects entirely at home.

Tissue paper flowers are a fun and colorful addition to any party. Fold stacks of tissue in an accordion shape, and then fold in half. Attach a pipe cleaner stem at the bottom, and then separate the layers of tissue. Also consider making flowers from silk fabric or thin paper.

Mobiles are unique decorations that make excellent centerpieces to hang over tables. Use a wooden frame or other base for hanging craft pieces with string or fishing wire. There are many different options for items to hang, such as bells, wooden shapes and beads.

It's easy to make paper globes and other hanging decorations in different shapes and sizes. Use tissue paper or other types of thin paper. Layer the tissue in a stack, and make an accordion fold. Then, cut the paper to the desired shape.

Decorative cookies or cupcakes are popular projects for baby showers. Use cookie cutters in various shapes or select a theme. Then, use icing of various colors, sprinkles and various sugar decorations to produce attractive plates of cookies that guests can take home or enjoy at the shower.