How Do You Make a Homemade Baby Shower Corsage?


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To make a homemade baby shower corsage, roll several socks into flower bud shapes, arrange the buds into a vase with a crafting wire, and decorate the bud with a ribbon. For better results, an individual should pick a suitable sock color or use socks with varying colors.

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Start by gathering crafting wire, a few baby sock pairs, floral tape, scissors and a ribbon. Once you have gathered all the necessary material and tools, pick one of the socks, and roll it at an angle. Work from the toe to the sock's opening, and follow up by turning the open end over, so the sock assumes the shape of a flower bud. Using floral tape, mark a spot at the base of the bud, and repeat the process for the remaining socks.

Once you have rolled all the socks into buds, join them in a vase by running a crafting wire through the open end's center of each bud. Be sure that the wire's length sufficiently facilitates the standing of the flower in the vase and runs through the marked spots. If necessary, decorate the buds by tying a ribbon over the arrangement vase, cutting the ribbon with scissors as needed.

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