How Do You Make Handmade Christmas Stockings?


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Make a handmade Christmas stocking by decorating a piece of felt with rickrack or other felt shapes using fabric glue and thread, then tracing a stocking shape onto the decorated felt and another identical shape onto plain, undecorated felt. Stitch the edges together with the decorated side on the inside, then turn it right-side out. Sew a felt loop onto the top of the stocking.

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Reuse old jeans or sweaters by turning them into stockings. Lay out the clothing item on a flat surface, and trace a stocking shape onto it using a simple template. Cut out the shape through both layers of clothing at the same time. Turn the shapes to the wrong side, stitch the edges together, then turn the stocking right-side out. Sew pieces of Christmas-themed fabric onto the toe and heel of the front of the stocking and add holiday fabric decorations.

Create an interesting stocking from denim by cutting the stocking shape out of the side containing the back pocket. For a sweater stocking, arrange the template over the buttons running down the front of the sweater or use the bottom of the sweater as the stocking's cuff. Another good material to use for stockings is burlap. Stencil holiday shapes right onto the material.

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