How Do You Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments?


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Make handmade Christmas ornaments by burning a snowflake onto a wood circle and threading a piece of string through the top or by cutting out stars from double-sided card stock and stapling the middle together to produce a 3-D effect. You can form handmade ornaments out of felt, pine cones and bottle caps.

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Make etched snowflake ornaments in birch by cutting a birch branch into thin slices with a bow saw and then drilling a small hole through the top of each one. First, draw the desired shapes on the birch slices, such as snowflakes, and use wood burning or an etching tool to cut the shapes into the wood. Finally, thread natural twine or brightly colored ribbon through the drill hole, and hang the ornament.

To make 3-D paper ornaments, cut out star shapes on double-sided or adhesive paper, fold the shapes in half, and then glue or stick one side of one star to another side of another star. Repeat the process in a circle using five stars, with the left side of the fifth star connecting to the right side of the first star. Thread a string through the center of the ornament, and add decorative beads to the string on both the bottom and top of the ornament.

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