How Do You Make a Ghost Decoration for Halloween?

How Do You Make a Ghost Decoration for Halloween?

To make a ghost decoration, cover a yardstick and Styrofoam ball frame with cheesecloth, then spray the head and hands with liquid starch. Allow that to dry, and glue on felt eyes and a mouth. When completed, remove the frame, and hang the ghost using fishing line.

  1. Obtain the necessary materials

    Gather six to eight packages of cheesecloth, a large Styrofoam ball for the head and two small Styrofoam balls for the hands. Additionally, you need a paint roller extension pole, two yardsticks, two short nails and a spray bottle containing a large amount of liquid starch. For the facial features, you need some black felt and some fabric glue. Lastly, you need a spool of fishing line for hanging and some large needles to attach the fishing line to the completed ghost.

  2. Build the assembly frame

    Lay the painting extension pole on the ground, and nail the two yardsticks crisscrossing the pole to create the "arms" of the ghost shape. Stand the frame up, then push the poll into the ground in a non-windy place. Push the large foam ball onto the screw-end of the pole, and attach the small foam balls onto the ends of the yardsticks.

  3. Drape the frame with cheesecloth

    Start laying the cheesecloth over the ghost frame one sheet at a time, leaving the edges uneven but covering the head and hands. You want a ragged, flowing look when you are finished.

  4. Spray parts of the cheesecloth with liquid starch

    Fill a spray bottle with liquid starch and spray the head, hands and arms until they are saturated.

  5. Allow the spray starch to dry

    Give the starch plenty of time to dry. The head and hands need to be stiff before you do anything else. While the starch is drying, cut a mouth and eyes from the black felt.

  6. Finish the ghost

    Once the starch is completely dry, glue the felt eyes and mouth onto the head using the fabric glue. Then remove the pole, the yardsticks and the small Styrofoam balls from the ghost. Leave the large Styrofoam ball in place. Attach the fishing line to the cheesecloth at the hands and head. Try to attach the fishing line through the foam ball for additional strength.

  7. Hang the ghost

    Secure your finished ghost from a tree or from a porch ceiling with the fishing line.