How Do You Make a Fall Wreath?

How Do You Make a Fall Wreath?

A chic and stylish autumn wreath is made by attaching American bittersweet vine and ribbon to a metal wreath form. There are many materials that can be used, but bittersweet is naturally growing and easy to find. It readily displays the bright yellows and rich oranges that are popular in fall decorating.

  1. Prepare the bittersweet

    Cut the bittersweet into 10- to 15-inch-long pieces. Bundle the branches together to the desired fullness. The number of branches is proportional to the size of the wreath, so be careful not to use too many branches for smaller wreaths. Fresh branches are easier to bend and manipulate, so use the freshest branches you can find.

  2. Attach the bittersweet to the wreath form

    Attach the wire with a floral wire paddle or a roll of 20- or 24-gauge wire to the crossbeam of the metal wreath form. Place a bundle of bittersweet on top of the form and adjust it into position. Tightly wrap the wire around the stems three times to secure it into place. Do not cut the wire. Continue attaching the bundles to the wreath. Hide the stems of the bittersweet with the tops of the next bundle you are attaching. If you want to attach a ribbon, leave a small opening on the wreath frame, about 1/2 the width of your ribbon.

  3. Cut the wire

    When all bundles have been securely fastened to the wreath, knot the wire around the underside of the form. Trim the excess wire.

  4. Attach a finishing ribbon

    Tie the ribbon into a square knot at the top of the form. Let the ends trail down the center of the wreath. Cut the ends of the ribbon to the desired length.