How Do You Make a Face Painting of a Peacock?


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To make a face painting of a peacock, use the person's eyes as the focal point of the design, and work out towards the forehead, cheeks and temples. Use green, blue and purple as the base colors, and add black or white feathers. Outline the peacock's head and neck in black or white.

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How Do You Make a Face Painting of a Peacock?
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Use a dense sponge to apply the base layer of color in a blue, green or purple shade. This base color forms the peacock's wings. Mix the base color on the sponge with one of its analogous colors. For example, if the base color is blue, combine it with green or purple. Blend this mixed color with the base color around the subject's eyes, and sweep upward to extend the wings. Add feather details in white or black at the outside edges of the eyes and on the sides of the face using a small brush or sponge. Use a tiny brush to outline the peacock's head and neck in the center of the subject's forehead. Give the peacock a chest that joins its neck to its wings and extends down and across the person's nose. Use sequins or jewels to accentuate the peacock's feathers, or use real peacock feathers for a glamorous adult look. Avoid using feathers and glitter on small children, as they may irritate delicate skin.

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