How Do You Make an Easter Basket?


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To make an Easter basket, prime and paint an ice cream bucket, use craft foam to create a rabbit's features, attach them to the bucket along with a handle and add a pompom to the back. The project requires a cleaned-out ice cream container, paint and primer, craft foam, a hole punch, something sturdy enough to use for a handle, tacky glue and a large pompom. It takes approximately an hour to complete.

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How Do You Make an Easter Basket?
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  1. Prime and paint the ice cream bucket

    Prime the clean ice cream bucket, and then paint it the desired color. Allow the paint to dry completely.

  2. Use the craft foam to create the rabbit's facial features and feet

    Use the craft foam to make the eyes, ears, mouth and feet of the rabbit. Paint the foam the desired color, and let the paint to dry.

  3. Attach the craft foam to the bucket

    Once the paint is dry, attach the eyes, ears, mouth and feet to the bucket in the appropriate places using tacky glue.

  4. Poke holes in each side of the bucket, and attach the handle

    Using the hole punch, make a hole in both sides of the ice cream bucket to attach the handle. Insert one end of the handle into each hole, and tie the ends in separate knots.

  5. Attach the pompom

    Attach the pompom to the back of the bucket with tacky glue to make the tail.

  6. Fill the bucket with Easter grass and treats

    Fill the bucket with Easter grass, along with treats such as candy, temporary tattoos and gift cards.

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