How Do You Make a Cork Reindeer Ornament?


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To make a cork reindeer ornament, use wine corks to make the head, body and legs of the reindeer. Glue, wire or tape the corks together, and then decorate the ornament with your favorite holiday trimmings and paint. Materials include two or three wine corks and embellishments such as glitter, fabric, stick-on eyes, tinsel and ribbon. Tools include a hot glue gun or glue sticks, paint, wire and crafting pens, scissors and wire snips as well as decorative tape.

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Start your wine cork reindeer ornament by gathering two or three corks. One method for assembling the body suggests cutting one cork in half lengthwise, and then cutting each long piece in half crosswise. Glue these pieces together in two V-shapes to make the legs. Turn the Vs upside down, and glue a second cork lengthwise across the tops. Use the third cork for the head, using glue and/or a pin to make a cantilever from one end of the body. Another method for constructing the body uses two corks for the body and cantilevered head and twigs for the antlers and legs.

While you let the body dry, gather decorations such as tinsel, glitter, old wrapping paper and ribbon as well as the tools you need to apply them. You may also want to paint or dye the corks. Apply decorations, and let the ornament dry before hanging.

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