How Do You Make a Church Resolution?


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The introduction of the church resolution states the close relationship that the deceased had to God. After, the "whereas statement" is written to explain the reason for the church resolution. The church resolutions are the congregation's actions to resolve and finalize the death. Lastly comes the church resolution's official acknowledgement.

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How Do You Make a Church Resolution?
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The title of a church resolution should be centered and include the deceased person's name. In some cases, it is appropriate to include the deceased favorite poem or Bible verse in the introduction.

The whereas statement should start with the word "whereas" and go on to explain the deceased person's relationship to God, as well as the work that she did for the church. Words about the support of the family and love by the community are appropriate in this section. There is no set limit to the number of whereas statements; however, the resolution should be kept to a two-page maximum.

The church resolution includes details of the resolution, for instance, who is involved, and the how, when, and where of the resolution.

The official acknowledgment of the church resolution is for family encouragement and final closure of the death of the deceased person. Finish the resolution with "respectfully submitted" or "humbly submitted."

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