How Do You Make Christmas Party Decorations?

Make Christmas party decorations by arranging flower blooms around tapers for amaryllis centerpieces. This takes 30 minutes. You need tapers, candle wax, floral frogs, shallow bowls and amaryllis blooms.

  1. Prepare the base

    Use shallow bowls for the base. If you are making more than one amaryllis centerpiece, try to using matching bowls.

  2. Anchor the floral frogs

    Use some liquid candle wax to attach one floral frog into the center of each bowl. This floral frog is how the taper is anchored to the dish.

  3. Attach the tapers

    Press one taper onto each floral frog. You should now have a shallow bowl with a taper in the center.

  4. Add water

    If you are using real blossoms, add water to the bowl.

  5. Prepare the blooms

    Get red amaryllis flowers. Other flowers also work, as long as they are large and red. Gently cut the blooms from the flower stems.

  6. Arrange the flowers

    Once you clip the blooms from the stems, carefully arrange them in the bowl around the taper, allowing three or four blooms per centerpiece. Place the base of the blooms toward the taper with the petals facing out.

  7. Arrange the centerpieces

    Place the amaryllis centerpieces in line down the center of the dining table.