How Do You Make Christmas Decorations and Ornaments?


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Make Christmas decorations and ornaments by purchasing clear glass balls, opening the top of the ball and placing evergreen and holly springs inside them before returning the cap and adding a festive red ribbon. This takes only a few minutes. You need clear glass ball ornaments, sprigs and ribbon.

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  1. Get sprigs

    Find evergreen bayberry or holly sprigs to place in the clear glass ornaments. You can use real or fake sprigs.

  2. Prepare the ornament balls

    Purchase clear glass ball ornaments without any sort of decoration on them. They can be found at craft stores. Remove the top of the ball by squeezing the wire loop together and pulling the cap off.

  3. Place the sprigs in the ornament

    Insert the sprigs through the open end of the ornament.

  4. Arrange the sprigs

    Arrange the greenery inside the ball using a long, narrow tool or pencil.

  5. Replace the cap

    Leave the top off of the ornament for up to 24 hours in order to prevent water vapor from getting trapped in the glass ball. Then, replace the cap by squeezing the wire loop so that the two wire ends fit into the glass ball.

  6. Add the ribbon

    Thread a loop of festive red, green or white ribbon through the wire loop. Tie the ends of the ribbon together.

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