How Do You Make Christmas Bows?


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To make Christmas bows, use either wire-rimmed ribbon or curly ribbon. For wire-rimmed ribbon, cut a piece about 36 inches long and bend one end into a 4-inch loop with a 6-inch tail section. Wrap the tail section around the front of the loop and pinch the ribbon together at the crossing section. Create another 4-inch loop next to the first on the longer side of the ribbon. Join the two cross sections and pinch them together.

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Create 4-inch loops on either side of the first two. Wrap a 3-inch loop over the middle of the bow and leave a 6-inch tail. Join all the loops together at the middle of the bow, and then wrap floral wire around the middle before twisting it tightly in the back of the bow.

To create a bow using curly ribbon, create 10 36-inch loops of ribbon. Grab the ribbon from the middle of the loops and check that each side is even. Create a knot in the center of the ribbon, and then tie an additional knot over the first. Cut the ends of the loops before running a knife quickly down each piece of the ribbon as you pull it tightly away from the center. After curling each piece, separate the curls and fluff the bow.

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