How Do You Make a Christmas Angel Costume?

make-christmas-angel-costume Credit: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

Make a Christmas angel costume by cutting a hole in a white sheet and fastening a simple halo and wings using wire. This project requires less than an hour to complete and requires a white sheet, a rope, ribbon, three wire hangers, white tights, a headband, spray-on glitter, scissors and pliers.

  1. Cut the sheet

    Fold a sheet in half, and decide where your head goes. Cut a hole in the sheet using the scissors. Lay the sheet flat, still folded, and trim it so that it looks like the letter T. The top part of the T is the sleeves for the arms. Use a rope to cinch it around your waist.

  2. Make the halo

    Use a coat hanger for the halo. Unbend the wire using a pair of pliers, and shape it into a circlet. Wrap the end of the wire around a headband. Twine silver or gold ribbon around the wire. Adding spray-on glitter is optional.

  3. Fashion the wings

    Use pliers to bend the hangers into oval wing shapes, making sure to twist the ends of both hangers together. Cut the legs off of a pair of tights, and stretch the nylon over the folded hangers. Glue the ends of two ribbons to the wire that you can loop over your shoulders.