How Do You Make a Candy Cane Reindeer?


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To make a candy cane reindeer, glue pipe-cleaner antlers to the curved edge of the candy. Add googly eyes and a pom pom nose to complete the reindeer.

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  1. Choose a candy cane

    Select a candy cane for your reindeer. The larger the candy cane, the easier it is to add facial features.

  2. Attach the reindeer antlers

    Cut a 4-inch piece off of a brown pipe cleaner. Bend the piece in half slightly to mark the central point, and then flatten the pipe cleaner out. Put a large drop of glue on the center point and attach it to the top edge of the curved candy cane hook. Allow to dry completely. When the glue is dry, bend each half of the pipe cleaner up to form antlers. Wrap additional small pieces around the original pipe cleaner to create additional antler points.

  3. Add the reindeer face

    Glue two googly eyes to the short end of the candy cane. Glue a small red pom pom to the end of the candy cane hook to form the nose. If you want to add extra decoration to your reindeer, suspend one or two tiny pom poms from the antler points to mimic cheerful Christmas ball ornaments.

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