How Do You Make a Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet?


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To make a calla lily bridal bouquet, prepare the flowers by placing the stems in a bucket of water, working one at a time to remove the leaves and dying petals. Use a stem cutter and trim the ends at an angle. Next, place the stems in one hand, and add as many as needed until the flowers are as large as desired.

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Wrap rubber bands around the stems to hold the shape created. Add one a few inches below the petals and another a few inches above the end of the stems. Trim the ends to make them even. Measure a thick ribbon a few times longer than the stems and start to wrap the ribbon.

Beginning at the top rubber band, tuck the edge of the ribbon into it and carefully encircle the stems until the ribbon is as far down the stems as desired. One option is to wrap the entire length of the stem, but another is to allow a few inches of the stem to show. Use corsage pins along the length of the ribbon and at the end to keep the ribbon in place. To ensure the flowers are as fresh as possible and avoid wilted petals, make the bouquet the morning of the wedding.

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