How Do You Make a Bridal Wishing Well?


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To make a bridal wishing well, start the base by using a tall, rectangular laundry basket with handles. Take a clean mop and attach it to one of the basket's sides without a handle, with the sponge resting against the inside base of the basket. Place a broom directly across from the mop with the bristles inside the basket. Use duct tape to attach a rolling pin to the broom, 6 inches down from the end of the handle.

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Place a bucket onto the rolling pin for cards and money before securing the other side of the rolling pin to the mop handle. Make the roof of the wishing well from cardboard or poster board. Measure the width of the board a little longer than the length of the laundry basket and make the length about 2 feet. Paint the board and decorate it with photographs of the couple, create a fake brick pattern, or cover the board in paper or fabric to finish it. Fold the board in half along the length, and secure it to the top of the handles.

Embellish the rest of the well, as desired. Wrap ribbons around the handles or pin fabric to the outside of the basket to make it more decorative. Alert guests beforehand that there is to be a wishing well set up at the party to collect gifts and cards. Direct the guests to the well to deposit gifts once the party begins.

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