How Do You Make a Birthday Hat?

make-birthday-hat Credit: Robert Deutschman/Taxi/Getty Images

To make a birthday hat, draw a semicircle on construction paper, cut it out, then align the straight edges together (overlapping slightly) to make a cone-shaped hat. Glue or staple the edges together, and decorate the hat with paper circles or other birthday decorations.

  1. Assemble the materials

    You need construction paper, white glue, scissors, a pencil, a stapler, a ruler and a compass.

  2. Draw and assemble the cone

    Sketch a semicircle on a piece of construction paper, using a compass. For a birthday hat, an 8-inch radius should be sufficient. Cut out the semicircle, and bring the two straight edges together to form a cone. Try on the hat, adjusting the overlap of the edges to fit, then staple to hold it together.

  3. Complete the hat

    Apply glue to the straight edges, and remove the staple when the glue is dry. Decorate the hat with pictures or construction paper cutouts.