How Do You Make Birthday Cards for Your Dad?


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Make a birthday card for your dad by getting inspiration from Father's Day cards and folding decorative paper into the shape of a shirt. This project takes only a few minutes, and you need decorative paper, glue and scissors.

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  1. Get the paper

    Purchase an 8.5- by 14-inch decorative piece of paper.

  2. Crease paper

    Fold the paper in half lengthwise with the patterned side facing down. Fold the left and right sides to the center fold, then crease and unfold.

  3. Make the sleeves

    Fold the top-left corner down to the left crease to form a triangle. Repeat with the top-right corner. Fold the top point of each triangle down until it meets the outermost point of each triangle and crease. The top part of the paper is now folded down with the sleeves sticking out on either side.

  4. Make the collar

    Turn the paper upside down, and flip it over. Fold the top 3/4 inch down. Flip the paper over. Pull the left and right corners to the middle crease until the tips meet but so that the folded edge is not flush against the center line. It should look like a collar.

  5. Fold the shirt under the collar

    Fold the top of the paper with the sleeves up and under the collar.

  6. Make a tie

    From the other sheet of paper, cut out an 8-by-1/2-inch strip. Knot the paper into a tie shape, making sure to fold or cut the bottom into a point. Glue the tie to the front of the shirt.

  7. Finish the card

    On the other side of the shirt, write a birthday message to dad.

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