How Do You Make a Birthday Banner?

make-birthday-banner Credit: Tim Macpherson/Cultura/Getty Images

To make a birthday banner, print out individual letters, and string or tape them onto a length of string or ribbon. Spell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and the name of the birthday person.

  1. Design the letters

    Use a basic word processor to type up individual letters, one per page. Select a color and font that fit the theme of the party. Instead of a font, you can also use photographs of objects that look like letters, or scan and enlarge letters from books and magazines.

  2. Make the banner

    Print each letter onto its own page. To reinforce the letters, glue each one onto a piece of card stock or lightweight cardboard. If you like, cut around the outline of each letter. Punch a hole at the top of each letter, and string them onto a length of ribbon. For a flatter look, tape each letter onto the ribbon. You can make one long banner to hang over a large doorway, or create three separate banners, one for each word, to hang on a wall or over a smaller doorway.

  3. Hang the banner

    Secure the ends of the banner with tape, or wrap and knot the ends of the ribbon around nearby objects.