How Do You Make a Baby Carriage Diaper Cake?


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To make a baby carriage diaper cake, stuff a shoebox with diapers, stack diapers in an arch behind the shoebox, roll the diapers into wheels and add the final decorative details. Making this diaper cake takes about 45 minutes and requires diapers, a shoebox with a lid, two receiving blankets, diaper pins, large rubber bands and ribbons.

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  1. Stuff the shoebox

    Fill a shoebox with diapers, and close the box with the lid. Wrap the box neatly with a receiving blanket. Use the blanket as you would use a sheet of wrapping paper. Secure the blanket with diaper pins beneath the box.

  2. Make an arch

    Use more diapers to create an arch behind one end of the box. Stack the diapers about six inches above the box. Use diapers folded in half to create the curved top of the arch. Wrap the arch neatly with another receiving blanket. Secure the arch to the shoebox with diaper pins.

  3. Roll the wheels

    Make four separate wheels by rolling small piles of diapers into a circle. Secure the circles with rubber bands, and attach the wheels to the bottom of the box with diaper pins.

  4. Finish with ribbon

    Cover the rubber bands with decorative ribbon. Wrap the perimeter of the carriage with a ribbon, and tie a pretty bow on the front. Booties or a rattle may be attached to the bow.

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