How Do You Make a 21st Birthday Speech?

When writing a speech about a friend, classmate or significant other for their 21st birthday, plan out the speech ahead of time, use humor and personal stories to talk about the guest of honor as much as possible, then add an amusing or poignant ending. If you don't know the person very well, talk to others that do to get appropriate material and make sure to keep on-topic as much as possible while speaking. By keeping these points in mind, it is easier to give a coherent and well-received speech.

  1. Planning ahead
  2. Start by planning out what to say ahead of time, in order to prevent going blank while standing in front of party goers. Taking time to plan in advance allows the person giving the speech to put more effort and care into choosing their words, giving them a better opportunity to make it more personal.

  3. Setting the tone
  4. A good speech is personal, uses the right amount of humor, and doesn't drag on for too long. Additionally, be sure to keep the audience in mind when writing the speech. If the party goers are a younger crowd, then wilder stories may be appropriate. If not though, avoid these and go for a tamer tone.

  5. Crafting the perfect ending
  6. Ensure your speech is memorable by ending it on a positive note. Choosing a grandiose story to finish with, is one way to do so. Other great endings include personal or motivating thoughts and wishes for the coming year.